Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wordful Wednesday - 2016 Candy/Cookie Day

There was a tradition started in my family about fifteen years ago and it's still going strong. It's our annual Candy/Cookie Day. Every year the adult girls of the family get together a week before Christmas and make candies and cookies all day long. We bring our dishes and ingredients over to someone's house and divvy up the goodies. The kids help by putting on the sprinkles or dipping the chocolate. It's messy and exhausting, but worth all the love that is put into it. 

This year there was an overabundance.  No one got shorted of anything.  We had chocolate peanut butter balls, chocolate fudge, peppermint bark, sugar cookies, dipped pretzels, and so much more.

$ Errbody in the crib gettin' candy! $

Harley and Ozzy

For lunch, we all pitched in and ordered several Little Caesars pizzas.  The conversations and quality time was just what I needed.

Ozzy, James, Alec, Harley, Adam, Tyler, Justin

The guys in the family also pitched in.  They were our sprinklers, kid watchers, and errand boys.

MaKynzee, Imani, Ayala, Faythe, Giana, Madelyn, Jamie, Yolanda, Terra, Traci, Ashley, Shelby

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you hold dear?


An Apel a Day said...

Those chips look good! I make a ton of different types of cookies. I make a big try for my work, my husband's work, the boy's bake sale at school, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My American DIL's family have a cookie making day and we were fortunate to receive some by post last week. My DIL was horrified at the postage cost. Next year I'm going to instigate a cookie making day here in the UK so her Mom doesn't feel the need to post them in future. It was a lovely surprise but the postage cost was ridiculous. Merry Christmas.

Susan Biddle said...

Looks like you are a heck of a creative baker! I am always happy to have new recipes to try. Thanks.