Saturday, February 18, 2017

It's National Drink Wine Day

Red, red wine
You make me feel so fine
You make me feel so fine
All of the time

I'm not a wine connoisseur but like to drink it from time to time.  I have no idea which wines pair best with which foods, but I know that I prefer red wine over white.  

Pop the cork and drink some bubbly!  

Do you drink wine?
What's your favorite flavor or brand?


MyKidsMom said...

So you've heard of people saying, "even bad still cake" that's how i feel about wine....I'll still drink it, even if it's not that good. Lol! Red, white, blush, carbonated, sweet, semi, dry, bottled, boxed, expensive, cheap, affordable...I like to think of myself at an "equal opportunity" wine drinker. I could list some favorites, but it depends on the category. Here are a few of my "go to's" Barefoot is my absolute favorite go to wine because its affordable ($5ish) and very good! I like Moscato the best. There's also a great Pink Moscato.
My favorite carbonated red has always been Riunite Lambrusco. Its only about $6 but, our (local) Italian restaurant will charge $6 a glass for the exact kind.
My favorite boxed wine is Franzia Moscato. Im sure there are better kinds out there...i should research that!
My favorite wine that isn't 'too' expensive but yet not my "go to" because its not $5...its like.... $10 lol- Stella Rosa Peach! So delicious and refreshing!
My latest favorite red- I guess would be Apothic Red ($10)- that's only by default. I apperently don't (or haven't) had a craving for Red lately. Hummm....I seriously should do some research - just in case anyone wants some 'real' feedback about wine! Lol!