Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Heartland and Homecoming

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I'm getting a Sleep Study done on Thursday night.  I've always been a crazy sleeper but it's gotten progressively worse these past few months.  I'm sure it doesn't help that I work night shift.  I'm very active in my sleep and I have crazy vivid dreams.  If I'm laughing in my dream, I'm laughing out loud.  If I'm fighting in my sleep, I'm kicking and screaming for real.  (Jason has been the brunt of it several times.)  If I'm peeing in my dream...yep, you get it!  I can't deal anymore and something's got to give.
Logan and Whitney on the right

Until I can get the pics from Whitney's parents, this is the only one I have of Logan on Homecoming night.  I had another obligation so I wasn't able to get pictures.  #SadFace

Adam almost went to Homecoming but cut out a few days before.  It's just not his thang.
I'm not fully committed but I've been liking the exercise classes I've taken so far at Nufit.  And that says a lot!

I loathe exercise and will sabotage myself to get out of it.  But so far I've done Kettleball and TRX, and have enjoyed both.  Jason says if I show a continued commitment, he'll purchase me a full gym membership.

Have you ever heard of Night to Shine?  It's an amazing event put on by the Tim Tebow (yes, that one!) Foundation.  During the event, people with special needs are treated like royalty.  The church I belong to was one of many to transform the place into a promlike experience.  

the dance floor

This year I did not get to fully experience the awe and wonder of it all.  Last year, I was a Buddy to a special needs person and was in the throw of things.  This year I was a Coat Check Chic and was in an empty room most of the time.  No matter, Tim Tebow is the man!

sitting room at Harpole's Heartland Lodge

Saturday I went with some friends to Harpole's Heartland Lodge in Nebo, IL.  It was my second time staying and I can't say enough about the place.  I'd take it over any hotel or motel I've been in.

Alaina with my fringe on her face

I wore a blouse with thin black fringe sewn at the bottom to the lodge.  The next day it was easy to see where I'd been the night before.  I'd made a  Hansel and Gretel Fringe Trail from one floor to the next.  It was ridiculous.  Won't be wearing that shirt anymore!
My husband's 40th birthday is tomorrow.  He'll be the same age as me.  I'd like to say I have a big to-do planned but honestly I haven't even begun to figure out how we're going to celebrate.  Nothing like last minute!

I did manage to get Jason one of the best Valentine's Day gifts ever.  Purchased him a piece of poop emoji fudge from a local bakery.  If that doesn't show real love, I don't know what does!
Have you ever had a sleep study done?
What's your randomness for the week?


An Apel a Day said...

Those kids look great for homecoming!

That poop emoji is so funny!

Random: I put chocolates on everyone's place at breakfast. My youngest was pissed because he just got spacers, so he had in his mind that he couldn't eat ANY of them.

katy said...

Good luck keeping up with the work-outs. I hope the chocolate taste better than its name.

Theresa Mahoney said...

My hubby is having a sleep study done at the end of the month. I can't wait because he keeps me up all night.

The kids look so beautiful in their formal wear.

That poop fudge is everything! I need to get some for my kids!

Renee said...

I love Whitney's fancy dress and comfy kicks. Just say no to high heels because they are evil.
My husband had a sleep study done years ago (he said it was awkward but necessary) and sleeps with a c-pap machine every night so I don't murder him for snoring and keeping me awake.
Poop fudge! Funniest thing I've seen all week!