Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Super Bowl & Workouts

Yay!  Stacy Uncorked is back with Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Link up at her site if you'd like to join along.

my sister and niece, Jamie, wrapping wine bottles

After several years of being together, my niece, Ashley, is marrying her fiancee in October.  Because I'm family (and because I like her) I've been helping with the wedding decorations.  She will have a rustic/burlap theme with coral and navy colors.  Between now and then, we've got a lot of work to do.

What the what?! A cancer causing glue. We're all gonna be dead before the wedding!

My sister purchased some sort of adhesive with the intention to use it for wedding decor.  I went to open the package and noticed the warning on the back: "Possible cancer agent. Exposure may result in nausea, headache, confusion or instability.  May be harmful by breathing vapors.  Exposure may cause kidney damage."  Sounds like the leftovers of Chernobyl!

We'll be going back to Elmer's glue, thankyouverymuch.
Jason and I have started taking and leading marriage classes.  First is the 10-week Love and Respect Study and then there's the 10-week Marriage on the Rock study.  Between those two and reading a book titled Making Marriage Beautiful, we shouldn't have anything to argue or fight about!

This meme became oh-so-true yesterday after taking a kettle ball class.  'Bout died!  The things my friends talk me into...

I haven't regularly exercised since quitting roller derby two years ago.  After using muscles that have been in hibernation that long, my body felt like it had been hit by a Mack Truck.  And I'm going to do it again Thursday. (I'll be the girl in the back keeled over.)
friends watching the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday was fun, but don't ask me what much of the game was about.  Football just isn't my thang.  And the commercials weren't keeping much of my attention either.  Jason and I went to a friend's house and watch the game on the big screen there.  I mostly just noshed on the snacks and appetizers.

I will say this:  I'm neither here nor there when it comes to Lady Gaga.  But she killed it!  I haven't seen a halftime show that good in a long time.  Kudos to her.

I did get out my roller derby referee shirt for a Super Bowl soiree at church on Thursday.  The church put on a big to-do complete with chicken wings, bacon, hot dogs, and chips.
Did you watch the Super Bowl?
What workouts do you like the best or the least?
Attending any weddings this year?
What's your randomness for the week?


Cathy Kennedy said...

Congrats to your niece on her upcoming wedding! I have a Kettle Bell DVD workout I haven't done in years. These days I use my elliptical for an hour each day. I got off track with exercising when DH lost his job in 2015 but now that he's working again I'm back at it. Now, I need to put my game face on to cutting my diet and burning those unwanted pounds from too much holiday goodies. You'll find two posts for today. One is Simple hand-drawn Valentine's Day cards & other V-Day ideas and the second is my new mewsic meme Tuesday Tunesation featuring McFly. I would put the direct link in your comments but every time I do this with Blogger I get an error. :( You find my list of my recent posts in my side menu to find either of these quicker. Have a good day and be blessed!

Renee said...

I go back and forth about whether or not I like Lady Gaga's music, but you are right. She killed it. Girl can SING! My kids were watching her with open mouths, and now my 4 year old is singing Poker Face and Million Reasons on repeat.
My niece wrapped wine bottles in burlap for a game at her friend's wedding. The friend's wedding colors were coral and blue, but it was a bright, light blue, not navy. I have a feeling the friend and your niece have been perusing the same Pinterest boards :)

An Apel a Day said...

That's so great that you are helping with your niece's wedding, and teaching marriage classes! It's best that you took the glue back!

I sort of watched the Super Bowl. I'm not too into football, but my husband had it on.
I like to play tag with my kids, but it's been so cold out. I need to run up and down stairs or something.
I don't know if I'll attend any weddings - none so far.
My nephew that has a chromosome problem is back in the hospital. He's been in and out so much this year that I've lost track of how many times. A port they put in keeps getting infected. :(
My oldest is going to be in the District Spelling Bee on Thursday!