Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's National Pancake Day - #NTLPanCakeDay

Get out the batter, butter and syrup - it's National Pancake Day!  Whether you make your own or head to the restaurant, be sure to eat a short stack today.

I'm not picky about what time of day I eat pancakes. Breakfast, lunch or supper - doesn't matter to me. I am, however, somewhat picky about how I eat my pancakes. I prefer mine to be somewhat thin, with golden crisp edges.

IHOP Restaurants declared this a national day in 2006.  On March 7th from 7AM-7PM, in celebration of National Pancake Day, participating IHOP restaurants will be offering up FREE Short Stack of Buttermilk Pancakes, valid for dine-in only!  There is no purchase necessary – they do however ask for a donation to help children battling critical illnesses.

How do you prefer your pancakes?
What toppings do you usually put on them?
Will you be eating at IHOP today?


Unknown said...

oh yum who doesn't love pancakes? I like my pancakes nice and small, like 3 inches across. They cook faster, and you get more crusty edge to pancake ratio, which is just how I like it.

Unknown said...