Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's National Shoe the World Day

Most of us have more than enough shoes.  I know I have my fair share.  I've never known what it's like to go without shoes or have to wear a pair that don't fit.  #FirstWorldProblems

Usually, when my shoes are worn or I no longer like how they look, I donate them to a local charity organization.  It's one that gives apparel and other items to families in need for free.

With today being National Shoe the World Day, I learned that there's a company, Soles4Souls, that is dedicated to bringing awareness and showing how you can take action to help the millions who need shoes.

Have you heard of Soles4Souls?
What do you usually do with your shoes when you no longer want them?


Peggy said...

I usually just turn them into outside yard work shoes. After that, they are not good for anything but the trash. I am not sure if I have heard of Soles4Souls. I have heard of one but do not remember the name. My Walmart will put shoes on sale for $1 when they want to get rid of them. I buy all they have and donate them to our Christian Charity.

MyKidsMom said...

Never heard of this! This seems pretty doable! Thanks for this post! XO