Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wordful Wednesday - Nuttier Than Fruitcakes

Dang It All To Heck.....Get the name play?!

I really honestly can't deny where my kids' craziness comes from.  Life's too short for a whole bunch of seriousness, and sometimes you've got to let loose.  I took a day trip with Shelby and Logan on Friday and it's apparent the nuts don't fall far from the tree!

First we checked out a new store in town before heading out.  Potter & Vaughn is an upscale version of Spencer's.  It's decorated all prissy and pretty but their merchandise is silly and raunchy.  I purchased a pair of socks that have a play on my last name.

Logan:  "Why Me?!"

Honest to goodness, I couldn't have looked any worse that day.  And even more honest to goodness, I didn't care.  Our original intent for the trip was to take Logan to the chiropractor.  So, we did the boring stuff too.  We watched Logan get manhandled his back and hips properly aligned.

Unless you're taking your kid to the chiropractor....Then you can be ugly!

Next was a stop to Rue 21.  I knew better than to even look at the clothes.  They're all made for small people (aka, Shelby).  But I scored on great deals in their clearance section.  And Logan bought me a mug.

Shelby, the small one, came out with clothes.  And a rockin' kitty headband!  (Which she proudly wore the rest of the day.)  Our last stop was Burger King, with Logan hanging his head out the window and ordering from the back seat.  It's what you get when driving a beater whose front window doesn't go down.  

Shelby is almost 23 and Logan is almost 19.  I've "Parent Failed" on so many levels.  But I must have done something right....They still want to hang!


MyKidsMom said...

I love seeing your kiddos in your posts! I swear if I was 10 years younger Shelby would probably be my bff! Not everyone can pull of kitty ears! I really love the mug Logan got you. I want one, or that 'quote' on a shirt! Happy Wednesday!

CindyWindy2003 said...

You've got some great kids, I love that you guys can drive around and shop together and have fun. Great buys, we all need a cute kitty daisy headband!

Sandra Watts said...

Fun post. Love that coffee mug!

reneejr said...

Love your socks! Must have!!

Unknown said...

Bless your kids for hanging with you! It's nice when they get to that age & they still like going places with Mom & goofing around. I sure do love those kitty ears :) Reminds me of my younger sister, she still buys them.

Laura said...

Haha! I absolutely love that mug! Totally made my day!