Saturday, April 22, 2017

Movie Night - Smurfs: The Lost Village

Azra, T.J. and Jackson

I won some movie tickets to see Smurfs: The Lost Village some time ago, so I got together with my bestie and her kids to watch it in 3D.  I think there were a total of ten people in the theater, including us.  That's my way to movie!

Our future's so bright we've gotta wear shades....or 3D glasses.  Whichever.

I won't bore you with long details about the film but will say it was good enough.  I've seen much better but I've seen much worse.  I was overly excited that it wasn't all campy and full of slapstick humor.  That turns me off real quick and in a hurry.

As most of us know, Smurfette is the only gal in a land of guys.  She's not lost on this and wonders what exactly is a Smurfette.  It's the "ette" part she can't figure out.  She goes off on an adventure and happens upon a magical world of girl Smurfs.  Of course, Gargamel and his cat try to take all the Smurfs powers and use them for evil.  In the end, the Smurfs and Smurfettes win out.

Some movies aren't worth their weight in gold, 3D or not.  I think Smurfs: The Last Village is best seen in 3D.  It enhances the colors and visuals.  Gargamel isn't such a scary villain that kids will wet themselves.  There is one scene that portrays the death of Smurfette as a lump of clay but the kids didn't cry over it, so I'd say it wasn't too sad.

The popcorn was paid for.  The candy was snuck in.

Have you seen Smurfs: The Last Village yet or do you plan on watching it?


Renee said...

I won tickets for this too so hopefully we can use them before they expire. We buy our popcorn and sneak in our candy, too, just daring an employee to ask me why my purse sounds like it is full of jigsaw puzzles.