Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Festive Floral" Collection - Review

I received products for review from Sally Hansen.  The opinions within this post are of my own and I was not influenced in any way.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.

It's not often that I paint my nails.  Once in a while, I'll give it a go but I end up making more of a mess than anything.  The polish usually doesn't apply evenly and it ends up chipping or smearing in no time flat.  

I recently received the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Festive Floral" Collection for review, and it's changed my mind about painting my nails.  No joke!

This Spring, the prettiest finishing touch to your wardrobe is a playful, floral manicure you can do at home. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ is the revolutionary #1 no light gel system that is more chip-resistant than regular nail polish.  They say it’s the next best thing to a salon gel manicure (I wouldn't know; I've never had one!)  The “Festival Floral” color collection is new for Spring 2017 and includes several festival-inspired shades.  

I acquired three of the "Festival Floral" shades and a bottle of Top Coat.  All of the shades are very pretty and work well with Spring wardrobes.  But, even more than that, I actually enjoy painting my nails now.  I've probably colored my nails more these past few weeks than I have in years.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is meant to work with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.  For best results, you should first make sure your nails are clean and dry.  And, if you want to push cuticles back, go for it!  I usually don't go that far.  The Miracle Gel is mean to be applied first.  Choose what color you want, and apply it to each nail twice.  Then, apply one coat of the Miracle Gel™ Top Coat.  Let it dry, then admire your nails with the pretty colors and high shine.

There are several reasons that I'm so giddy about Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.  For one, it's easy to apply.  The bristles are flat and don't spread out, so I can get coverage where I want it and none where I don't.  It also gives even application.  For another, it doesn't seem to chip as easily as other nail polishes.  At least, it hasn't for me.   Sally Hansen Miracle Gel lasts approximately a week before I need to reapply.  

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel has me hooked and it's now at the top of the list as far as beauty products go for me.
Have you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?
How often do you paint your nails?
What are your favorite colors?


katygmorris said...

I actually just tried this gel formula and love it, too! It was awesome for a pedicure because it lasted and lasted within chipping! Yay! I love the colors they have out now no this collection looks so pretty.

Deborah Caudill said...

I haven't tried the miracle gel formula yet, but after your glowing review, I will definitely give it a try.