Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wordful Wednesday - Awards Night Ceremony

As a proud mother, I have to brag on my boys.  Both are Seniors this year, and they continue to amaze me.  I'd love them regardless, but it makes my heart swell that other people acknowledge their accomplishments.

Last night was the High School's Awards Night Ceremony.  Both boys were acknowledged.

some of Logan's scholarships and awards

Logan came home with a handful of achievements.  His name was called quite a bit.  He received two scholarships.  One was for the university he will be attending, and the other was a memorial scholarship to a Track/Cross Country Athlete.  He also received several awards from the local and state FCCLA chapter.  Also, for FCCLA, he received a red and white cord.  The red one is for being a member and the other is for being the fundraiser officer.  Another award received was for SSA (an academic achievement).  To top it off, he received two plaques that are handed out to seniors.  One was the Mathematics Progress Award, and the other was the Family & Consumer Science Department Award.  Logan was also April's Student of the Month.

Logan with his plaques

As a side note, but just as great, a grandmother tracked Logan down a few days after Prom.  She had no idea who he was but contacted the school to find out.  Once she was able to meet him, she expressed appreciation and gratefulness to the boy who asked her handicapped granddaughter to dance at Prom.  

The girl was there because her mother was a DJ and Logan noticed she didn't seem to be having a good time.  So, he asked her to slow dance.  And they did.  According to the grandma, this act of kindness showed for several days and she "had not seen my granddaughter this happy in ages".  The girl couldn't stop talking about the boy who asked her to dance.

Goes to show, people, small gestures mean big things.

And now, on to Adam.  He received a plaque for Progress Award in English.  The teacher stated how proud she was of the boy who used to grumble and groan about his schoolwork, and now he's doing an excellent job with no problems.  And, he's on honor roll.
Like I said, I'd love them regardless of how many awards they do or don't receive.  But I can't help but beam and smile so big on the inside when it shows what great men they're becoming.


Peggy said...

Congratulations to the young men for their hard work. I am glad it has been rewarded. It shows how they have been raised too. Congratulations to the parents... you have raised two nice, smart guys.

Renee said...

Your children are NOT REAL. They have been replaced by friendly, thoughtful, kind-hearted, hard working robots. That HAS to be the answer...seriously though, how proud you must be of them. I hope they are proud of themselves, too :)

Maryann D. said...

I always loved awards nights! It is exciting to see all the wonderful certificates and awards. Congratulations on these terrific awards.
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