Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's National Camera Day

Being a blogger, a good quality camera is a must. Right now I own two Canon DSLR cameras.  I'd be thrilled to own a new one sometime.  It's not that the ones I have aren't worthy to use, but I'd love to have one with more features and capabilities.  Or, more honestly, I'd like to know how to use all the features of the cameras I already own.

Our ways of taking photos has changed throughout the years, but we still like to capture memories and special moments.  Get out your camera today, try out some different angles, and snap photos of your favorite subjects.

What kind of camera do you own?
What things do you like to photograph?


John Smith said...

I love old, complicated cameras! I'd love to collect them!

Unknown said...

I have an Olympus, and somewhere around here a small Kodak. I loved the older style cameras but the new digitals are nice for transferring pictures to computers & thumb drives.