Friday, June 30, 2017

It's National Social Media Day - #SocialMediaDay

I lead a fairly busy life and am not sure I could go a day without social media.  I have no problem disconnecting from mobile devices and social media when the time calls for it, but I have six kids and a husband who keep in contact with me frequently.  It's nice to have social media when those times arise.

I'm very much in the "grey" area when it comes to social media.  Because of technology and all its platforms, we are able to reconnect and interact with people that we might not have been able to otherwise.  We can get breaking news almost as soon as it happens.  Social media is a way to share your thoughts and feelings with friends and loved ones.  It's so easy to post a quick status to let all your peeps know what you're watching on TV and what you're cooking for supper.

Social media has also dumbed down some people.  There are those who grow a set of brass balls when they're on social media and post stuff that they wouldn't dare say to your face.  We've become immune to the horrors of the world because we see it so often on social media.

Believe it or not, the world won't stop if you step away from social media and make some actual real-life memories.  #ImSerious

Because it's Social Media Day, here are a few personal suggestions for your preferred platform:

1. Don't share every post or picture you see. I want my feed to be a rolling timeline of what all my friends are doing, not just you! I don't want to log in and see nothing but status after shared status of something you think is amusing.

2. Share your feelings with the group, not the whole world. Everyone has bad days and it's okay to vent once in a while. But, if your social media life has more drama than a soap opera, I'd say you need to log off real quick and take care of reality. Social media is NOT a Dear Abby online hotline.

3. If you post a status (positive, negative, or otherwise), expect a response. Don't post how much you hate so and so or how your life sucks, then get royally irked when someone gives their own opinion in response or tells you how to solve that problem.

4. Don't believe everything you see or hear. Social media isn't always truthful.  There's two sides to every story. Some pictures are photoshopped. (I know, shocker!) Just because you see a picture of a baby with bruises and sores or a snake that's as tall as the Sears Tower, doesn't make it real. There's a crowd of special people out there who photoshop pics and post them on the Internet just to see how many folk will pass it on as the gospel truth.

5. Don't post about someone's death or trauma until you know the family knows. Working as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, I've seen my fair share of blowhards who post about someone's death within a matter of minutes. Or they THINK someone is dead and it circulates as such. Geez Louise, have some respect!

6. If it's time for your kid to come in for supper, don't post it on their social media.  If there's something pressing or real personal that you need to tell someone, pick up a phone or see them in person. Some things should be between two people and two people alone.

Other than that, Keep Calm and Social Media On!

What is your favorite social media platform of choice - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other?
What are some DOs and DONT's you have regarding social media?


Rhonda Gales said...

These are great tips Terra. We do need to know where to draw the line on social media.