Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Logan and Adam's High School Graduation

Jason carrying Logan into the threshold of adulthood

The boys have done it!  High school is done, finished, over.  It's on to the next chapter of their lives.

Adam receiving his diploma

I won't bore you with how proud I am or how much they've accomplished over the last four years.  Most parents are biased and I'm not an exception.  Except for a couple glitches in the road, I absolutely could not have asked for Logan and Adam to do any better than they have.

The boys graduated with approximately 40 other seniors.  It's a relatively small school but it is excellent in its teachings and sense of community.  

my two carnations

If it hadn't been for six valedictorians (!!) the program would have lasted less than 45 minutes.  Prayer was held after the graduation, one of the graduates played the Senior song with an acoustic guitar, and a memorial speech was given for a teacher who recently passed away from a brain tumor.  

Me with Logan and Adam

Once diplomas were received, each graduate presented their mother with a carnation.  I got two!

Afterwards was the obligatory pictures with everybody and their dog.

His, mine, and theirs - Jason's three daughters, my three kids, and my kids' half-brother

Logan will be attending a local university in the fall to major in social work.  He will also run for the Cross Country and Track teams.  Adam still works part-time for Pepsi, but accepted a full-time job and started yesterday.  He works for a local steel fabrication company.

Logan and Allyson

I'm a mix of emotions.  I'm sad that their school days are over but have no doubt they will do well with their future life endeavors.

Congrats Logan and Adam!  

Have you attended any graduations this year or have any children graduating?


Maryann D. said...

What wonderful photos on such a special day! I can imagine how proud you are. Congratulations to Logan and Adam and best wishes always!
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Jackie said...

Congrats to Logan and Adam...and you! Graduations are always bittersweet. Wishing them lots of luck in all they do!

Forgetfulone said...

Congrats to the guys on their graduation! Looked like fun! My twins graduated in 2014. They were the youngest, so no more high school grads; however, there are college grads coming. The next one is next December.