Monday, July 3, 2017

It's National Chocolate Wafer Day

Wafers bring back memories of going to my grandparent's house and raiding their pantry.  They'd always have the packages of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry wafers on hand.  Oh, those were the days!

Skip the vanilla and strawberry wafers today and head straight for the chocolate ones.  It's a special day for these crispy snacks.

It's also International Plastic Bag Free Day.  It was created to promote alternative uses to plastic bags, which are not environmentally friendly.  I just learned that plastic bags take 100s of years to degrade.  I had no idea!  I thought I was doing a good deed by putting them in the recycle bin when I'm done with them.  Choose to reuse by packing your groceries and other merchandise with fabric totes and bags.


Theresa Mahoney said...

My grandma always had them too. Such sweet memories ripping them apart to lick out the frosting!

Unknown said...

I love the wafer cookies and occasionally still pick them up on my grocery trips. I still remember the packs of vanilla, strawberry, & chocolate from my childhood. Nowadays I see packs of the plain vanilla wafers, but have yet to discover just plain chocolate. Yum.