Monday, September 11, 2017

Another Iowa Trip of Fun and Food

Ole' Chippy.  Same small dog with a big bark.

I'm beginning to think Iowa is my second home state.  At least that's what my husband says after I just returned from a five day trip visiting my bestie.  Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to see her girl!

Alaina preparing Jalapeno poppers (with salon gloves!)

I took the three hour trip by myself on Wednesday and came back with another friend on Sunday.  My husband was able to come down for one night but had to return before I did. 

Peanut butter and puppy chow from the Downtown Market

I ate soooo much good food while I was there.  Alaina and Todd spoiled me with their homemade goods and we ate out at several restaurants.  Old Chicago and Lebowski's are a couple of places we stuffed our faces.  We also hung out at a sports bar to watch the Hawkeyes game on Saturday.

If there's one noticeable observation I heeded, it's that Iowa takes Hawkeyes fandom to a whole new level.  Game day is serious when 9 out of 10 people are seen wearing black and gold.

My favorite part of the entire trip was the Downtown Market in Cedar Rapids.  (Didn't get pics)  It's a huge market of over 235 vendors selling everything from jewelry and wine to homemade food and art.  I purchased peanut butter and puppy chow but could have easily spent much more.  If you want to take time and see everything, be sure to get there when it starts.  We didn't get there when it opened and was only able to stroll through for two hours.  It wasn't nearly enough time.  

Hail Mary

Alaina and I spent time gabbing like girls do, and shopping at Target and Stuff.  Target girls, don't kill me, but I like Stuff much, much better.  And my pocketbook did too!

Spinach, tomato basil, and feta cheese pizza

I can't speak for the entire state but I love the atmosphere and friendliness of Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas.  Jason and I have even talked heavily of moving there.  We don't want to make a rapid-fire decision but it's something that's been on our minds and something we've been praying over.

Assaulting the infamous Target dog

Have you ever been to Iowa or do you live there?
What do you think of the state?