Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman - Book Review

Book Overview:

Do you think about food too much? Envy those "skinny bitches" and wonder how they do it? Use the needle on the scale as a measure of your self-worth? Are you "just ten pounds" away from happiness? You are not alone. Iris Ruth Pastor, too, was a weight-obsessed woman who found a way to eat all those tempting goodies--without putting on a pound. At age eighteen, she began bingeing and purging daily and didn't stop for forty-six years. 

How did she tame the triggers that led to bingeing and purging? Deal with the ravenous monster within? The Secret Life of a Weight-Obsessed Woman is Iris's story of ripping down the facade of her "perfect" life and taking steps to break free of her lover ED (Eating Disorder, not Erectile Dysfunction!). If you are grappling with anything that prevents you from operating at full throttle, Iris's bluntly honest, humorous, and inspirational story reminds us all that recovery is within our reach. In this honest, insightful, and inspiring book, Iris Ruth Pastor shares her story of recovery from a decades-long battle with bulimia. She brings a poignant and relatable honesty to this memoir, using both wisdom and humor to bring readers on the journey from despair to healing

My Review:

Although I've almost always been overweight, I've never struggled with an eating disorder.  I don't know what it's like to be obsessed with being skinny or counting calories.  But, I do know what it's like to have other struggles and thoughts consume my time and mind.

Author, Iris Ruth Pastor, puts into perspective how an eating disorder affected her for many, many years of her life.  She's very honest with how it consumed her and how the ED was a large part of who she was.  Interestingly enough, there wasn't some big moment in Iris' life that made her start bingeing and purging.  It just sort of became a part of her daily routine.  

Iris talks candidly about her secret life with ED and her recovery.  I wish there would've been more detail surrounding how the eating disorder affected those around her.  I feel like I still don't know a lot about the "whats" and "whys".  But, I appreciate Iris' resolve and candor.  She's a woman of wisdom who mentors readers and helps bring hope to people who are tackling conditions, especially ED. 

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An Apel a Day said...

I'm overweight, but have never struggled with an eating disorder to. I was on a good track with losing weight, but then had my nasal polyps surgery, was told not to exercise. I finally started to feel like I could hop on the exercising again after a month of recovery; then had surgery on my non cancerous tumor. I was told not to exercise again. I just kept feeling off track.