Saturday, May 12, 2018

College Kid Creates Kitty Condo

a story told by Trader Jimmy:

One day last week my mom left an empty package on the table.  Curious, I had to check it out.  I found that the box was not too soft, not too hard, it was just right.  So, I settled in for a long snooze.

Logan came home and noticed I was sleeping contently in the box.  Then an idea was born!

A simple plain box would not do.  I needed a customized kitty condo.

So, Logan got to work.  I supervised the situation.  Using masking tape, markers and lots of imagination, he made me my own person hangout.

Just in case any other kitty was mistaken, Logan made sure to write that it was Trader Jimmy's Hangout.  Tissue paper (Adidas brand, to be specific) lines the bottom and a "God Bless America" koozie is there in case I want to indulge in a drink.

To my left are the handwritten words "Saturdays are for boys."  To the right is a living room picture, of Logan and the words "Best Friends Forever".  

I've never been in a more comfortable spot.  Wonder what I can get Logan to make me next?!


kymom13 said...

LOL, I love it! Very creative and kitty looks very happy in his new home!