Monday, May 14, 2018

Family Representin' Roller Derby

Roller derby is a brutal sport and I quickly learned that to be true when I joined the team in 2013.  Due to my mother's illness, I had to give it up.  But I'm still a big supporter.  

Roller derby is much more  than throwing on a pair of skates and bumping into a few girls (or guys). There's soooo much to learn and the workouts are brutal.  It's very time-consuming and expensive. 

Dark River Derby Coalition (DRDC) is an actual charitable organization that abides by laws and guidelines. They are affiliated with WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association) and continue to climb the ranks.  None of the players make money by playing for DRDC.  In fact, all monies raised to go local charities.

The 2018 season just started for DRDC.  The first home game was last Saturday with a loss.  Although I'm no longer on the team, my family still represents.  

Ginja Ninja is my daughter.  She's been playing off and on for five years.
Bloyd on D Track is my brother and is the team's coach, five years running.
Neacious is my sister-in-law (aka the coach's wife).  She's been in it to win it since day one.

"Whose house?  Our house.
Whose house? Our house.

Have you ever attended a roller derby event?
What would your roller derby name be?


Tim A said...

I've never attended, I wonder if there is any in the Philadelphia area. I'd be worried about everyone getting injured.