Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - Juliann's Graduation

walking toward the stage

Five of our six kids have officially graduated high school.  This year it was Juliann.  That means we only have one left, and that event will be in two years.  It's so cliche to say that time flies, but it's the ever lovin' truth. 

Juliann attended her four years of high school at a private Catholic institution.  She's held down part-time jobs through it all.  She will be taking classes in the Fall at the local community college to become an EMT, then a paramedic.
Jason with Allyson and Emma at graduation

Juliann's graduation party is the first time in sixteen years that the two families have come together in one house to celebrate, rather than hold the events separately.  You learn after a while to put the crap aside and do what you can to make life better for the kids.  (It didn't take us 16 years to realize that but it took longer than it should've.)  Juliann's mom hosted the party at her home.

Emma, Jason, Juliann, me, Allyson

Can I just put this out there.....  Graduations are boring.  My kids alone have made up a fair share of them so I can say that.  They're always about memories, journeys, and life chapters.

BUT, I'll keep going to them as long as my kids keep on having them.  Because it means they've made another great achievement towards this process called life.


Cathy Kennedy said...

Congratulations to Juliann for the completion of her high school career! May tomorrow bring promises of a bright and successful future as a paramedic!! God bless and good luck!

Julie Waldron said...

Congratulations! My girls have been out 4 & 6 years ago, you are so right that time flies! Good luck to her, my nephew is a paramedic. It's a rewarding career!