Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Canvas Champ: Another Canvas Print Added to My Collection - Discount Code

just a couple of the canvas prints I have hanging in my home

I'm not a professional photographer by any means but I love to adorn my home with photos I've taken.  I have a few art prints here and there, but what I like most on my walls are the displays of cherished memories. Most of them are done in canvas print form.

When given the advantage to have a photo made into a canvas print from Canvas Champ, I immediately knew I wanted one of my husband and step-daughter, Emma. I chose a 12x8 canvas with a dark blue border.
canvas print I created at Canvas Champ

The canvas print is now greatly displayed in my living room.  I love how it adds to the focal point in that room.  It hangs flat against the wall without jutting or tilting out.  The print turned out exactly how I submitted the photo and I couldn't be more pleased.  This is a print that I will keep hanging for what I imagine to be a very long time.


Right now you can get 87% + Free shipping on your order over $75 from Canvas Champ with the coupon code you receive after clicking the link.

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