Friday, June 22, 2018

Fobbles: Portable Fog and Bubble Machine - Review

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Parties I host usually aren't Pinterest worthy, but I do what I can to make them fun.  I want a guest's experience to be memorable.  Because of that, I have a few things I bring out to keep people entertained.  I recently received Fobbles for review and it's been a hit at my house.  I can't wait to use it during the next party or cookout I host.

Froggy’s Fog, a company that provides the special effect machines/systems to Broadway shows, concerts and amusement parks, is now offering an at-home product to consumers called Fobbles, a new 4-in-1 home unit that provides not only bubbles but fog, haze and fog-filled bubbles. Fobbles takes family fun and party entertainment to the next level and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Fobbles is lightweight, compact and easy to operate. In addition, it delivers water-based, non-toxic (pharmaceutical-grade) fog, haze, bubbles and fog-filled bubbles.  Currently, there is an Indiegogo campaign for Fobbles, which I encourage you to check out.

The Fobbles bubbles are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for kids.  There are two models of Fobbles available, Consumer and Professional. I received the former.

A user manual is included with Fobbles and there's also a Youtube video you can watch for instructions.  Maintenance instructions and safety warnings are listed on the  user's manual.

To set up the machine itself, you first need to attach the trigger control cable to the rear of the machine. Then you fill fog fluid reservoir with Froggy's Fog Brand Fog Fluid.  Then you fill the bubble reservoir at the front with Froggy's Fog Max Bubbles.  It is highly recommended that you use Froggy's Fog brand of bubbles and fog fluid to operate the Fobbles machine. 

A diagram on the user's manual shows what each button is for and where each compartment is located.  The buttons are also marked on the machine itself, making it easy to see what goes where and what button to push for desired effect. 

After plugging in the machine, you need to allow it to warm up and wait for the red light on the remote to become illuminated.  No functions of the machine will operate until the unit has come up to temperature.  There's no indicator that the machine is warming up and it left us wondering, at first, if it was even powered on.  That's the one thing Jason and I agree we'd change about the machine.  It would be nice to have an idea of how long it takes for the Fobbles unit to start working.  There's also no indication of when the unit is almost at the point of needing to be reheated.

There are four functions on the remote switch that activates your desired effect.  There's Fog, Haze, Bubble, and Fog Bubble functions.  That means you get four fun effects!  All of them are exciting to watch and it's definitely entertaining to see the fog, bubbles, and haze spew forth.  Our favorite function, and one that we've not seen before, is the Fog Bubbles.  A haze of fog comes out, along with lots of bubbles.  When the bubbles pop, it looks like a small cloud of smoke bursting out of them.

Fobbles is lightweight and portable, so we can take it anywhere there's an electric outlet nearby.  Fobbles adds an amazing element to any event or party.


Mimi N said...

Ok, I have always wanted a bubble machine! I love that it's combined with a fog machine. This would be a hit with our family reunion over the 4th with all of the little cousins!

LeAnn Harbert said...

My granddaughters would love this.

desitheblonde said...

that would be great for gener revel party

Laura said...

My son would enjoy the bubble aspect of this! Neat!