Saturday, June 30, 2018

Personal Tips For A Safe Fourth of July

Uncle Sam drinkin' a can

How you will be celebrating your Fourth of July this year?  I don't always get off work every year but the stars aligned, and I'll be celebrating with friends on the riverfront.

Whatever you do, please stay safe and take the time to remember what the 4th of July is all about. #Murica

Here are a few general tips on how to have a safe 4th of July:

If you plan on swimming, do not enter the water alone unless a lifeguard is on duty. Most deaths from drowning occur within a few feet of safety.  Diving off a high board might be fun when you're drunk, but it will hurt the next day. #ItReallyWill

West Nile is a threat to some, including those where I live. Wear shoes and socks, long pants, and a long sleeved shirt if you're going to be outdoors where mosquitoes are.

Know what's legal and what's not. It is illegal to have most types of fireworks in Illinois. No need to get yourself in trouble.  Besides, 911 Dispatchers would be thrilled shitless if they didn't have to field umpteen "illegal fireworks" calls.

Don't expect your pets to enjoy the celebration. July 5th is the year's busiest day for animal shelters because most outside pets tend to get the heck out of dodge when the big boom starts going off. It's best to let your outside pets go inside, even to a garage, during the fireworks. It will lessen the scare.

Fourth of July = celebration = alcohol. If you plan on drinking, please have a plan on where you will be staying. Please don't drink and drive. Not only is it dangerous and potentially deadly, it can be expensive. I doubt anyone wants to pay the highly expensive DUI fees. (If you've got that kind of money and want to throw it away, I'll gladly take it off your hands.  And you won't even have to go to court!)

If you make a mess, clean it up. It's not that hard to pick up your trash and put it in a nearby trash can or take it with you and throw it away at a later time. Litter all over the ground, especially after a large event, makes a place look downright trashy. #DontBeThatGuy

Fireworks are F -U -N but remember that they are hazardous as well. Use all safety precautions and procedures when lighting fireworks. Don't stand close to them.  You'll need your hand the next day.

Here's hoping that you and yours have an absolutely wonderful 4th of July!

Have any tips you'd like to add?
What are your plans for 4th of July?


Margaret said...

Great tips! I would only add that we all need to be mindful of others near us. If we are too loud or making a mess its up to us to be nice and quiet down and clean up as you mentioned.