Saturday, June 30, 2018

Petmate National Search for CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer) - #PetmateCFOSearch

CALLING ALL CANINES, BIG AND SMALL! Petmate is on the job hunt for their new “CFO," Chief Four-legged Officer! Think your pet has got what it takes to be “top dog?”

Petmate is looking for that special canine – loyal, smart, and enthusiastic – to help lead its team in the development of more new toys for pets and their families. The new CFO will receive $5,000 in take home pay and Petmate will donate an additional $5,000 to the CFO’s favorite animal rescue program.  The “bonefits” package also includes $2,000 worth of pet products and more.

Candidates can apply at The CFO Search is open from June 21 through July 27th, and the new CFO will be announced in conjunction with National Dog Day, August 26th.  The application process includes a photo and an explanation of what makes your pet the best qualified.  Videos are welcome.

Petmate is an equal canine opportunity employer, so that means they are open to all applicants (big, small, 3-legged or less/more, hairy, hairless and everything in between).

I might have to enter Helen into this competition!

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