Monday, June 25, 2018

The Thrill of the Yard Sale

I don't get to check out yard sales every weekend but I've been finding pretty great deals when I'm able to go.  I've spent a pretty penny lately but have come home with tons of stuff (somewhat to my husband's dismay!) 

Here's a sampling of just a few items I've found.  If I took a picture of everything, I'd run out of SIM card space.

I picked up this LOGO game for $1.  I don't think it'd ever been played.  We broke it out on Father's Day and had fun guessing logos, icons, and companies.  
P.S. I won.

This portable ping pong set was also a huge hit on Father's Day.  It fits my coffee table perfectly.  Granted, we have to play on our knees.  But that's the price we pay for fun.

This picture doesn't do any justice to the amount of clothes I've purchased.  Then again, I'd be almost embarrassed to show each and every item I bought.  Countless shirts and dresses are now stuffed into my already full closet.  I'm not a stickler for name brand or high fashion but I'm a total clothes whore.

I purchased this pull-out bin, along with another one, to throw miscellaneous items in until I find a forever home for them.

I almost didn't get this mirrored decor piece because my walls are already full.  But, then I remembered I have exactly one bare wall in my whole house and it wasn't fair to that wall to have nothing hanging on it.  The wall is happy now.  So am I.

Do you shop at yard sales or thrift stores?  
What's a great bargain you've gotten recently?


Renee said...

My husband and I love Logo :) You got a great deal!

Unknown said...

The portable ping pong game looks like a blast! Great for kids to burn off the energy.

Julie Waldron said...

Looks like you got some great deals! My daughter has the Logo game, I believe she got it at a yard sale. My girls & I love going to yard sales. We've gotten a lot of great deals but one I'm most proud is one I bought earlier this month, a set of 6 melamine mixing bowls, with lids and brand new in box(still wrapped in plastic even) for $2.50. I love melamine bowls so I was super excited! They retailed for around $50!

Laura said...

That portable ping pong set looks like a lot of fun! I like going to yard sales (as long as the weather is nice!).