Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - It's A Boy

Made you think I was talking about a baby by the title, huh!  

Someday, oh someday, I'll be blessed with bio grandchildren.  But, for now, I get grandkitties.  And recently, a new grandpuppy!  

Shelby and George (daughter and SIL) picked up the pup a couple months ago.  I'm as smitten with him as they are.  I don't know the breed but the parents must have been cute ;)

Kirito Sun Johnson was named after a Japanese character from Sword Art Online.  (Don't ask me anything else about it because I know Jack Squat about anime.)

Welcome to this crazy ole' family, Kirito!

Rahjae, my bonus granddaughter by marriage, holding the new pup