Monday, July 16, 2018

Easy and Fun Outdoor Obstacle Activities for Kids

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Being a parent of six kids, I sometimes had to entertain them in inexpensive ways when they were younger.  I'd set up different obstacles, using everyday items, and keep them busy outdoors.  Here are just a few ideas for obstacles that I've used throughout the years:

Obstacle #1:  Use a mini golf club to put a golf ball into a hula hoop.

Obstacle #2:  Throw a frisbee into a pool of water.

Obstacle #3:  Use a croquet set and weave a croquet ball in and out of the stakes.

Obstacle #4:  Throw a hula hoop over a bucket.

Obstacle #5:  Using a long piece of wood and standing it up, stack four pieces of wood on top of it.

Obstacle #6:  Dump a mixed variety of puzzle pieces out of a basket and sort the pieces to finish one puzzle.

Obstacle #7:  Set up a table and set several glasses filled with water on top of it.  Try to knock down the glasses of water with a tennis ball inside a pair of pantyhose tied to your waist.

example of obstacle #7

With a few objects that can be found almost anywhere, an obstacle course can be set up quickly and made into a fun past time for kids.  Or even adults, for that matter.

What ideas do you have for fun outdoor obstacles for kids?


Jana Leah B said...

My niece & nephew would have a blast with these.