Thursday, July 19, 2018

My Experience at Lost Island Water Park

As I often do, I went to my "home away from home" last weekend and drove up to Iowa to see my bestie.  To celebrate her daughter's birthday, we decided to take a trip with four kids to Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo, IA.  All in all, it was a good time.

I won't go into each and every detail of the park.  If you want all that, the park's website has tons of info.

Good impression #1:  The park isn't so huge that you feel overwhelmed.  But there's a lot of water slides and areas for adults and kids.  The water attractions and the park itself were very clean.

Azra, Greely, and Kaylyn

Bad Impression #1:  There are two bathrooms on the grounds.  The one I went into had poor upkeep.  There was no hand dryers or paper towels.  Water was everywhere.  Toilets were clogged, and the overall furnishings were outdated.

Good impression #2:  The lifeguards were super vigilant.  Their eyes were always scanning the water and it was obvious they were alert.  Their routines and behavior showed it.  All lifeguards everywhere should take heed.

You know I've gotten sun when the freckles on my face pop out like mushrooms.

Bad impression #2:  There are five eateries located within the park.  Of these, we went to three.  At the first one, they were out of souvenir cups and one of the smoothie flavors.  At the second one they were out of several foods.  The last eatery is where we did lunch.  

I don't expect to get a gourmet meal at a water park but I felt quite jipped for the price I paid.  I purchased a cheeseburger and fries for $10.25.  The fries were cold and the bun on the burger was super dry.  The meat itself was burnt.  Super not impressed.

Good impression #3:  There was plenty of seating.  Most people were crowded in one area but I'm not quite sure why because there were places to sit all throughout the park.   

Good impression #4:  Free parking!  Free tubes!  Free life jackets!

"Hello.  My name is Timmy.  Do not be alarmed if you notice me swimming in the park.  I am testing the vigilance of our lifeguards."  Love this!

It cost a little over $30 for each admission ticket.  I didn't think that was bad at all, considering the place is accommodating for kids of all ages and it can be an all-day event.

Have you been to a water park this summer?
What's your favorite aspect of a water park?  Mine is the Lazy River where I can take a tube and drift along.


Laura said...

This sounds lovely. We haven't been to a water park yet this summer. I love visiting them though!

Jana Leah B said...

I'm not a fan of water parks, however, I don't mind going on a few water rides at amusement parks.