Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Fireworks and Swimsuits

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I went swimming and sun bathing for the first time the other day.  My bestie came down from Iowa to visit with her parents.  Parents happen to have an amazing pool.  Don't think I didn't jump in the vehicle as soon as I got the invite.  Don't have to ask me twice!

yard sale swim suit

Speaking of swimming, I purchased two swimsuits online from Rosegal.  I also bought a bunch of shirts.  It was my first time shopping from there.  The clothes fit okay but the swimsuits were horrible fits.  As one would have it, the swimsuits are non-refundable.  
(I understand the reason why I can't return them.  But they still had the clear sticky tape in the crotch. Oh well.)

I ended up giving them to a friend.  Not long after, I found a brand new two-piece swimsuit at a yard sale for only $3. And it fits like a champ!
Jason and I made a huge purchase last week.  We sprung for a Serta memory foam mattress.  I hate spending that much money but the mattress we'd been using was over ten years old and was way past its prime.  We also purchased an adjustable frame.  Which means the head and feet can be raised up or down via remote, according to preference.  

Jason and I don't share the same preferences.  See the problem there?!  
Sometimes working opposite shifts has its advantages.  He can have the head raised when he's in bed and I can raise the feet halfway to the ceiling when I'm sleeping.
Jason and Allyson
(Take note of the bowl in Allyson's lap: grapes soaked in vodka and sprinkled with dry Jell-O mix. 
I may have had a few...and then a few more.)

We celebrated 4th of July with a private company affair, thanks to Allyson and her mom.  Both work for Kohl's, and the company blocked off their parking lot for employees and family.  We could see the fireworks perfectly from where we were at without being in the throng of madness at the riverfront.

Kohl's was also kind enough to feed us, and even include a Blue Bunny ice cream cart.  
Hope Allyson and her mom work there next year too!

Logan watching fireworks

Juliann and Emma

Emma turns 16 years old in two days and Logan turns 20 in five days.  #AllTheFeels

Emma's bio mom hosted a Sweet 16 party for Emma on Saturday and we attended.  It's only been the last couple of years that all parents from all sides of this crazy blended family can come together and celebrate the kids, all in one place.  We don't have to do a party here and a party there.  You don't even know how much this means to me.  Life's too short to be petty or malicious.  Besides, it cuts on costs!!

For her 16th birthday, Emma's aunt paid for her to get her hair cut and colored.  Emma's never had her hair colored before.  I'm in love with it!  Think she'd find it weird if I went with the same shade of red?!

My son-in-law and my son

With the kids being older, I take every opportunity I can to spend quality time with them.  I'm glad they don't require my constant care and attention anymore but I want my bond with them to remain strong.  I got my three kids, husband, and son-in-law together the other day for lunch at El Rancherito, a Mexican restaurant.  It's the simple things....
How did you spend 4th of July?
Been swimming yet this year?
What's your randomness?


An Apel a Day said...

We could so use a new mattress.

I can't buy swimming suits online, heck I barely can find one in the store. I don't think my body is so oddly shaped, but it's hard to find one.

messymimi said...

As seldom as i swim i gave up on swimsuits a long time ago and just use shorts and a very heavy t-shirt over a sports bra.

That’s great that the family gets along, being a family is hard enough without keeping bitterness and enmity going.