Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Hammocks and Camps

Misty says sit back, relax, and unload your randomness.  It's Random Tuesday Thoughts, hosted by Stacy Uncorked

Four of our six kids have gotten into the hobby of hammocking (is that the word for it?!).  I've seen how much fun they're having and expressed an interest in owning one myself.  My hubby surprised me the other day and purchased me a hammock.  And not just any ole' hammock!  This one has built-in LED lights that can flash fast or slow, bright or dim.  Light it up for a party; Turn it off for recovery!  Now I just have to find a place to hang it.  

wearing the obligatory birthday sombrero

Logan's no longer a teenager.  He turned 20 the other day.  Jason and I purchased him some golf discs (for another hobby he recently took up), and Jason took him out to eat at a Mexican restaurant.  
I don't talk politics much because I think most all of them are frauds but I had to laugh when I heard that President Trump tweeted a threat to the president of Iran that he better never ever threaten the U.S.  

 Does the Iranian president even have Twitter?  Who's to say he got the message?  Was that in lieu of a certified letter?  
Logan and Shelby are going to a concert in August to see Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch.  Because I'm a "cool" mom they invited me to come along.  So, we got online and purchased three tickets through LiveNation.  Holy Banjo Butter!  In addition to the tickets, it cost an additional $51 for processing and ordering fees.  That's highway robbery.  It's suckers like me that keeps them in business.

packed and ready for church camp

I was able to secure a spot for Rahjae to attend church camp.  She left on Friday and came back yesterday.  It was her first time really away from home so I was kinda worried.  When she came back, I was glad to hear that she had a good time and met some new friends.  

Without putting it all out there, Rahjae leaves later this morning for a 3-week trip to see her mother.  It's been almost six years since they've seen each other.  So, fingers crossed, it all goes well.

Rahjae isn't my granddaughter by blood but by marriage.  It's crazy to look back and see how much she's grown on me in almost a year.  
What's your randomness for the week?


annies home said...

Sounds like you will have lots of fun with your new toy. Yes, I agree sometimes the lights would be lots of fun and other times I would leave them off for relaxation. Love that he is smiling in the picture great sign of a good kid. Not sure if that leader reads twitter, but I am sure someone will, sometimes quite afraid he may get us into lots of trouble. I hope that young lady has lots of fun on both of her trips. I can quite agree that getting to know an individual and spending time with them does make a bond very close So happy you had that experience
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Forgetfulone said...

Hahaha! Wonder if the president of Iran has Twitter! So true! Congrats on your son's birthday, and hope Rahjae's visit with her mom is successful. BTW, Misty is a beautiful cat.