Sunday, July 1, 2018

Shameless Plug: Reasons You Should Read My Blog

hangin' with my son, Adam

There are an infinite number of blogs out there. I should know, I follow and subscribe to A LOT of them. I enjoy reading about other people's lives, finding out about great deals, and entering giveaways.

Without further ado, here's a list of reasons why I think you should read my blog:

1. I do PR product reviews and giveaways and there's a chance to learn about new products and enter giveaways. If you like taking your chance at winning something, my blog is the place to be.

2. I like variety. You never know what I may blog about. It may be about my mundane day, a great deal I found on the Internet, my latest vent about the lack of common sense that I observe day to day, a product review and/or giveaway, or the latest thought that has popped in my head. I can't categorize my blog into one mold because it's all over the place (just like I am!).
scoping out Cedar Rapids Downtown Market with my man

3. Why NOT read my blog? Chances are, I read yours. And if not, I'm more than willing to.

4. You get a chance to peek into the life of a blended family with six kids (teens and young adults), two adults, two cats, one dog, and a lot of crazy relatives.

5. I'm been pretty good at updating my blog, keeping it current. I also make an effort to post at least every other day. There's no staleness here.

Thanks for reading this post and while you're at it, become an email subscriber and/or follow my blog (pretty please with a cherry on top).
If you have a blog, leave your link.  Let others know why they should check out your blog, and what makes it so awesome. 


Maryann D. said...

I do not have a blog, but I do love reading your blog and have for a long time now!
Have a lovely summer!
twinkle at optonline dot net

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Fun post! I've been following you for years now, I'm pretty sure, and I do like the mix of posts you do. :)