Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Wordful Wednesday - Cat In A Box

I bought a family size pizza from the grocery store a couple weeks ago and set the cardboard box on the table.  Trader Jimmy laid claim to it almost immediately.  It became his place of refuge and rest.  This crazy cat lady went so far as to place a towel down so it'd be more comfortable for him.

The box has eventually become a little less for wear and tear so I suppose it's time to purchase another pizza!



Maryann D. said...

Such adorable photos! My cat can't wait until we take everything out of a box and she quickly claims it also! They love boxes!
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Rachel B said...

This is a very cute story and the cat is adorable

Renee said...

He's so handsome!
My cats are freaks that won't sit in boxes. They prefer shedding and relaxing on my bed.