Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Another Birthday in the Books

Good thing I got a hat for my birthday!  Covered up the bed head.

I have to give it to my 41st year.  It treated me pretty well.  Fingers crossed my 42nd treats me the same or better. 

December 13th was my actual birthday, but my husband had a small surprise get-together at my home last Sunday.  I'm not against surprise parties but it's inevitable that Jason plans them when I'm wearing bed clothes and haven't combed my hair, let alone apply deodorant. 

Christmas leggings

Let's see...I got two pair of leggings, a Power Quick Pot (the As Seen on TV version of an Instapot), Christmas hat, pom beanie, and Dove Truffles.  My son also gifted me with a gift card towards a stay at Stoney Creek Inn (Already stayed! I'll post about that later).

Have any good Instapot recipes for me to try?

German Chocolate Cake

Jason showered me with gifts throughout the week.  He got me two bouquets of flowers, a DQ ice cream cake, and Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Adam came in to my work on the night of my birthday, bringing German Chocolate Cake and vanilla ice cream.

I know birthdays aren't all about the gifts so I would've been fine without.  But I don't mind being spoiled on my big day. :)


Suburban prep said...

Happy Birthday (late).
Best for a wonderful year to come.

katy said...

Happy belated birthday! I love that candy; could eat it all in one sitting.

Peggy said...

Well, happy late birthday. They should spoil you on your birthday. I hope it was really great all week.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Terra!

Sue Hull said...

You deserve to be spoiled. You do so many good things so it's good to be spoiled once in awhile.I live your leggings! My daughter is into Lula Roe. My cousin sells it. It looks like you had a wonderful b-day.