Saturday, December 1, 2018

Birthday Pet Profile - Trader Jimmy

My humans have six kids and a ton of family so they don't want to waste their time trying to have three separate birthdays for us pets.  What are we, chopped liver?!!  Terra and Jason decided November 29th would be the universal birth day for me, the other cat, and the dog.  I'm the youngest of the three and I just turned 3!  Here's some fun facts about me:

1.  Terra and Jason have only had me for half my life.  When I was born, I was an outside cat living around an Amish community.  People weren't very nice to me so a guy named Trader Jim stopped by and offered to take care of me.  Then Todd and Alaina came along and fell in love with me, so I went home with them.

2.  Terra and Jason got me when I was a year and a half old.  It was during Jason's MDI graduation party that Todd and Alaina mentioned they needed a new home for me.  They were moving and couldn't have cats.  Jason wasn't keen on the idea at all but he was too busy entertaining guests to pay much attention to the fact that Terra and Alaina left to pick me up and bring me back.

3.  I'm the most lovable, chill cat ever.  The only time I meow is when I want fed.  I don't mind being around other animals or people.  I'm so chillax that even "non-cat" people love me.

4.  I'm not persistently needy but love to be loved.  If a person wants to hold or hug me, I'll most definitely let them.  I'll even let you hold me like a baby.

5.  I like to lay on every surface of the house.  If a new box or package comes in, I have to sit on it.  I like to make sure my territory is marked.

6.  I have a wound on my head that I won't let heal.  Once it begins to look good, I'll scratch the wound open again till it's red and raw.

7.  I like to look out the large living room window and watch the cars drive by.  I'll do it for hours.


Maryann D. said...

What a sweet kitty. I am so happy that he ended up in a wonderful home like yours and is being taken care of!
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Laura said...

Awww! He's too cute! He looks a lot like one of our cats - except he's fluffier!

Renee said...

He reminds me of my own chill cat Buster, minus the head wound thank goodness...I hope he lets that heal soon! He is very lovely and him loved up next to your husband on the couch made me smile. Cats love to melt the hearts of "non-cat" people the most.