Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Scratched Eyes and Big Sales

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The night before Thanksgiving I took a trip to the ER.  For the second time this year I jacked up my eye and caused a corneal abrasion.  This time I went even further and the abrasion caused a corneal ulcer.  I have absolutely no idea how I keep doing it but, at this rate, I'm bound to lose my eyesight.
Wal-mart Selfie

Me and Alaina spent close to nine hours Black Friday shopping.  We had a blast!  The stores we went to were packed but no one was a douche and the lines were orderly.  Stores we went to were Kohl's, Bath & Body Works, Shopko, CVS, and Walmart.  We stopped at Auntie Anne's to fuel up on cheese pretzels and lemonade.

I didn't go for anything in particular but sure spent my fair share!

in front of a wall at the mall honoring 9-1-1 Dispatchers and law enforcement

When getting out my Christmas decorations last week, I couldn't find the stockings.  Not a one of them.  Jason is lead to believe that I got rid of them because said last year was the final time for anyone to get a stocking.  That could be the case because I couldn't find them to save my soul. 

It didn't feel right for the kids not to have stockings this year, even though they're old enough to not need one.  So I ran out to Dollar Tree and bought ten of them.  There's six for the kids, two for granddaughters, one for hubby, and one for the son-in-law.

I purchased a pretty wreath from a local craft shop and placed it near mom's grave.  I don't cry near as much as I used to but the emptiness is still there.  I dream about her A LOT.  The reality of it is, I HATE that I have to purchase stuff to take to a grave.  I don't want to.  What I want is my momma back.
Once in a while we clean up nicely

Jason and I attended a Murdery Mystery Theater production on Sunday for the church's annual staff dinner.  Rather than sit down and get clues, we were all part of the production and had our own role to play.  We had to intermingle and ask questions of everyone.  Even the killer didn't know she was the killer till the end.  

I played the part of Seline, a Russian harpist.  I was there to play at the Winter Wonderland and was defined as being elegant, classy, and in high-demand (none of those in real life!).  Jason played the role of Darcy, a professional thief who was hired to steal champagne.  It was really fun!
What's your randomness for the week?
Did you go Black Friday shopping?
What age is too old to get a stocking?


Sandee said...

Nice to meet you and thanks for linking up to Happy Tuesday. I hope you figure out what you're doing to your eye so you'll stop. Yikes.

Have a fabulous random and happy Tuesday. ♥

Jans Funny Farm said...

Nope, no black friday shopping for us. Looks like you had fun, though.

messymimi said...

No Black Friday shopping, i figure we all have more stuff than we need anyway, but i'm glad you enjoyed it and didn't have any trouble.

That mystery dinner sounds like fun, and i pray your cornea heals up soon and that stops happening.

Laura said...

I passed on Black Friday shopping this year. I've been before, but it's been awhile. Hope your eye is doing better!