Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ten Reasons The SwampButt Underwear Gift Card Is The Best Choice For Christmas 2018

SwampButt Underwear™ offers electronic (virtual) gift cards for delivery via e-mail from its web site at to anyone with an e-mail address located on planet earth. There are plenty of reasons why giving and receiving these types of virtual ‘cards’ are a good idea for the 2018 gift giving season. The SwampButt Underwear cards are especially good for the following reasons:

1.  Better than giving cash because unlike cash, these virtual gift cards are only good for SwampButt Underwear and cannot be lost, stolen or traded for intoxicating liquors.

2.  An actual plastic card needs to be registered in case of loss, and it will get lost creating zero value for anyone. What a pain in the SwampButt (Underwear).

3.  There is no time limit. The cards from SwampButt Underwear can be redeemed any time of the year through 2019.

4.  There are no hidden fees with the SwampButt Underwear gift card. The same is not true of many physical gift cards from banks, clothing stores or that coffee place that asked to stop mentioning them. So, whether buying a $5.00 card or a $500.00 card, the money the gift giver intends to give to the gift receiver gets got by the one so gifted the way the gift giver intended.

5.  Easy to send at the last possible minute or any other minute leading up to the last possible minute.

6.  The person receiving the card can select the color, size and style of SwampButt Underwear they prefer without having to reveal that their 38-inch waist is really a 52-inch waist to anyone.

7.  If you forgot to include someone while Christmas shopping, sending the virtual card will mean no one will know. So no hurt feelings or reinforced experiences based on childhood trauma; fewer trips to the therapist in the new year along with a dryer backside.

8.  Underwear is a necessity and most people wear it. Giving it is a way of saying you care about the state of your relative/friend/neighbor/co-worker/clergy/first responder/kids music teacher/scout leader/other kind of kids teacher/coach’s backside etc. and have thought about that persons rear a great deal. Very thoughtful of you.

9.  The SwampButt Underwear brand and label are very unique and will be a welcome surprise to the one who receives it unlike socks, ties, calendars or anything from a temporary kiosk at the mall. SwampButt Underwear is a company with a product that solves a real problem and answers the question, ‘is this a real company.’

10.  No awkward surprises forced ‘I love its’, griping in the car on the way home about a bad gift, Facebook posts complaining about the bad gift you later take down because ‘they might see it’, re-gifting, or trips to the mall for a return.

I will receive product in exchange for this post.  Please do your own research before purchasing products or using services.  Your opinions and results may differ.