Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Pic She Wanted...And The One She Didn't

Me, Traci, Sandy, and Donnie

This was always mom's photo-taking conversation:

"Kids, kids.  Look at me.  C'mon, look at me."

"I'm being serious.  Stand up straight.  You know I hate when pictures have the head cut off."

"Look at me.  Look at me.  LOOK AT ME!"

"Stop putting your finger in Donnie's nose."

"Loooooook at Meeeee."

"Keep your tongue in your mouth."

"Move over.  You're blocking Sandy's face."

My mother, bless her heart, was a stickler about photos.  She wanted straight-forward poses and wasn't fond of candid shots.  We'd all have to be looking.  She'd throw a picture away if it came out with the top of a persons's head cut off.  Drove us about bat shit crazy.

So in the spirit of still driving her nuts in the afterworld, my siblings and I recently got together and took a "good" picture.  But not before taking some pictures with our tongues out and fingers in our noses.

We love you mom! :)  :)  :)


An Apel a Day said...

I'm kind of like her. I want photos to be just right for what I'm after.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'm the same way when it comes to photos, but I do appreciate a candid shot just as much. It only pisses me off when I am fighting daylight or we are in a line with people behind us waiting to take their photos too and I just want "one" good pic before we have to move on.

Laura said...

These are the pictures that make the best memories! Not perfect, but you'll cherish them forever. :)