Tuesday, December 11, 2018

White Sheets to Brown Babies - Book Review

Book Overview:

Sakshi Press (March 8, 2018)
206 Pages

White Sheets to Brown Babies is a memoir of the life of Jvonne Hubbard, a little girl who was raised to hate minorities through the indoctrination of her father, who was the Grand Dragon of a North Carolina faction of the KKK. It includes tales of living through a lifetime of dysfunction, violence and terror at the hands of both her father and other nefarious individuals who would seek to perpetuate the cycle. More importantly though, it is also a story of how they did not succeed in this hateful quest, as Jvonne struggled on and through to the other side to embrace love, laughter and the pursuit of personal happiness. Part of this amazing transformation even led to her adoption of a biracial infant, an event that served both as a healing elixir to her soul and a grandiose “!#%& you” to all the ugliness that hate brings.

My Review:

You have to be living under a rock if you haven't noticed that there's a lot of racial divide going on right now.  It's nothing new, but has its moments of escalation.  It's my own personal opinion that some of it is unwarranted, with a small group of people playing the race card just because they can.  But there's also doings that are absolutely ungrounded, just based upon the race of a person's skin.  That truly saddens me.  As the saying goes, "We all bleed red." 

I say this because White Sheets to Brown Babies is a story of racial divide and how one person chose to not follow in the footsteps of that hatred.  Author, Jvonne Hubbard, tells a real and raw account of her unstable and chaotic upbringing. This book talks about her father and how he was well-noted to be a racist.  But it also tells of Jvonne's alcoholism, family dysfunction, and other discontents.  The story doesn't end there, though.  Jvonne writes how she is a survivor and rose above all the cards she was dealt. 

When I read the book, it was like I was listening to an account of a person telling their story.  The formatting of the story isn't perfect but Jvonne's story drew me in and had me rooting for her the entire time.  She's definitely the definition of a survivor!

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