Thursday, January 3, 2019

Heck Of A Christmas Eve 2018

me and my nephew

food platter made by my niece

Allyson is 23 years old and Adam is 19 yoa.  Little bit of a height difference there!
4'9" vs. 6'4"

Every Christmas Eve is spent with the family at my sister's home.  We feast on food and exchange gifts of the person we drew a name for.  This year was one of my favorite's.  People stayed longer than usual and the conversation was lively.

Rahjae preparing to eat a jelly bean from Beanboozled

The kids enjoyed their gifts but all would've been well with just having Beanboozled and a big box there.  I think every one of the kids climbed in to the box that came from a toy trucks gift.  Playing Beanboozled, the kids were caught off guard.  Was it coconut...or toothpaste?  Tutti Fruitti....or dirty sock?  

friendly game of LCR

The adults weren't as brave to eat funky foods.  We played several rounds of LCR, some rounds with quarters and some with lottery tickets.  I profited about $15 in the end.

We ended up sitting around by a bonfire outside and laughing so hard our guts hurt.  Christmas 2018 was one for the memory books.  Not for expensive parties or lavish gifts, but for family memories made.

The box that was a big hit with all the kids.


Peggy said...

You had a great time. The pictures are so good. I am glad you had fun with the family. said...

Happy new year! Love that you got to spend some time with the family during Christmas Eve. The height difference between Allyson and Adam is big! Glad everyone had fun!

Nancy ♥

Maryann D. said...

Looks like a wonderful time for all! I love the food platter made by your niece! Best Wishes for the New Year!
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AMY said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful family! Our family spent Christmas Eve with lots of food and games too!

Julie Waldron said...

It looks like you had a fun Christmas Eve! We spent it with my family. It was fun seeing the little great nieces & nephews, they were so excited. :)

Renee said...

I will never ever ever forget playing Beanboozled and getting the dreaded peach bean...still makes me shudder.