Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wordful Wednesday - Jason's Ordination

Me with Casey, the girl who did my hair and makeup for the day

Six years ago my husband fought me about going to church.  He had every excuse in the book.  It wasn't until my mother invited him that he did it out of obligation.  Fast forward to now, and he's become an official ordained pastor!

me and my man

An ordination ceremony took place February 10th.  Jason was ordained with another guy, Joe.  The ceremony took place at one of the smaller church campuses.  I don't know if they thought so many people would show up.  Almost 300 people were in attendance.  It became standing room only.

elders and pastors praying over Joe and Jason

To play it out for you, the ordination was started with two songs.  Then two pastors spoke on behalf of Joe and Jason.  Questions were asked of them regarding their commitment to being "men of the cloth".  Jason and Joe were then asked to bring their wives and kids up to the stage.  I was prepared for that to happen.  What threw me for a loop was when they dismissed our kids and asked the wives to stay there.  

I 'bout had an anxiety attack when I was asked, along with the other wife, a bunch of questions.  I'd honestly like to say I know what they were but I was having stage shock.  What I kind of recall is being asked if I'd be supportive, if I'd live up to my part of being a pastor's wife, and if I supported my husband's decision.

wooden personalized plaque given as a gift to Jason

After I was relieved, Jason and Joe were called to the stage to get on their knees while the elders and pastors prayed over them.  Imagine being on your knees with the weight of hands on your shoulders for 15 minutes.  Jason's legs jiggled like Jell-O when he had to get back up!  The ordination was officially over after that and we stuck around for the line of congratulations.  After all was said and done, me and Jason headed to Pizza Hut with our kids and his mom and went hog wild, ordering tons of pizza and pastas.  

Joe (left), Pastor Jim (center) and Jason (right)

Jason has worked hard up to this point to be a pastor.  He completed two years of MDI (Ministry Development Institute) and received a diploma.  He's head of the Hospital Ministry and leads Small Group in our home every Tuesday.  He also leads a Men's Group for homeless men on Wednesdays and is a fill-in to lead sermons at the prison.  He works as Janitoral/Maintenance for the church, and the list goes on and on.  

It's amazing what six years can do to a person, and I'm excited to see where this journey takes us!


Mandy said...

This is so amazing and I am just so thrilled for y'all! Gosh, reading this and your post about how your relationship with your dad was completely sure gives me a warm feeling to know that the good Lord is still in the miracle business! I'm happy for y'all!

Renee said...

Congratulations to your husband!
And your hair and makeup look great, and both you and Jason look like you've lost weight!! I think you need to frame this whole post and hang it on your wall ;)

mail4rosey said...

That is a big deal. Congratulations to him and all of you,that is amazing news!