Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Trips and Wins

Chippy, my best friend's dog who thinks he's a bad a**
He loves no one but his mother but actually let me pet him for a long time, for the first time.
We've finally decided we like each other.

It's been a short bit since I've done a Random Tuesday Thoughts post, so be warned I've got a lot of randomness.  If you have stuff to say that's neither here nor there, link up at Stacy Uncorked.

I've been on a fairly lucky streak with wins lately.  My name was drawn as a grand prize winner of a US Cellular promotion.  My win included a new Apple iWatch (Jason took it), Apple iPad (I'm using it), and free service for one year. 

Then I won a local FB giveaway for one free box of Halo Pops.  I darn near pooped myself when I saw that a six-pack retails for almost $7.  Unless they go on a major sale, I will only be eating them when I win them.

A couple weekends ago my husband went to a Pheasants Forever banquet in Iowa and won a gun.  I can't remember what brand it is but it retails for almost $600.  I'm pretty sure he spent at least half that amount at the banquet that night, but it's all good.

me and Alaina

While Jason was blowing money and winning guns at the banquet, I hung out with my bestie.  It had been a few months since I'd seen her.  Saturday she and I went to some random mani/pedi place.  Alaina got her nails done and I went for the paraffin wax pedicure. It was sweet, sweet heaven to my feet.  That is, until the nail file came out.  Those things make me want to crawl out of my skin.  It's a personal form of Hell.  I let the nice little lady know she could skip that step and move on to the next one. Are there any feelings or sounds that drive you mad?
Me, Alaina, Steve, Sandy, Kerri

Saturday night Alaina and I went to the local pubs.  There's no restaurants in her little town, so you gotta go to one of the two pubs to eat out.  I love bar food so that's no biggie to me.  I ate so much fried food my arteries were begging for a break.

If I've said it once, I'll say it again: I love Iowa.  I've never had a bad experience there and everyone I come across becomes an instant friend.

When Todd and Jason got back in town from the banquet, they hung out a while and listened to a couple guys playing music.  Todd even joined in on the lyrics.
Todd adding vocals to the music

Speaking of taking short trips, I took one to the psych ward late last week.  Got a full room and board for a few days.  I done boarded the Crazy Train and went on full mental breakdown.  I wasn't out to hurt myself or anyone else but I sure wanted to die.  But that's a blog post all for itself.

In a few days I will be joining Adam to help him move to the state of Virginia.  Shelby, my oldest daughter, will be going as well.  It's a 11 hour trip one-way so I'm not looking forward to the ride.  But I'm looking forward to spending time with Adam before he moves so darn far away.

What's your randomness for the week?
It's the first day of Spring!  Are you as excited as I am?


cheryl c said...

Congrats on all of your wins! Isn't it fun to win something?

I hope your time on the crazy train is over. I will pray for calmness in your spirit. God is with us in all of our highs and lows.

katy said...

Congrats on the wins. It's great you got to share with friends.