Friday, April 5, 2019

That's What I Get For Cleaning

My husband lost a book he wanted to loan out to someone.  So, while I was looking for it, I took upon the task of cleaning.  Really cleaning.  I got out the supplies and went to town.

Then I started to tackle the hallway closet.  Standing on a kitchen chair, I started to move items around to look for the book and get rid of stuff I no longer used.

Somehow, someway I managed to topple over the kitchen chair.  My left leg suffered "rug burns" from scraping against the chair.  And my right ankle slammed against the entertainment center.  Knickknacks started toppling over so I'm trying to keep myself from falling further while minimizing damage to broken items.

All that took away my cleaning mood real quick and in a hurry.  Maybe I'll resume again next week.  Maybe not.


An Apel a Day said...

Wow! Ouch!

I once was taking care of leaves. My husband yelled out, "Dinner's ready!" I ran in to take a very quick shower. I slid on a play floating mat, and ended up in the most uncomfortable pretzel position. I was laughing, but was in so much pain. I got a really big hematoma bruise. I put some lotion on it when it was healing. Little did I know I was allergic to it. I got pussy blisters on top of a really bad bruise. I should have probably had surgery to take that blood sack out. I didn't realize that that's what hematoma bruises are. Yuck! Steroids were given to me for the allergic reaction. No more sulfa for me.

I'd stay away from cleaning in high places for awhile. Take care.

Laura said...

Ow! That doesn't look fun!

LesleyfromWI said...

That looks painful! Hope you heal fast