Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dined at Panera Bread for Free, Thanks to Nicequest

supper at Panera Bread with Logan

I've been a member of Nicequest for about two years now.  It's one of my favorite survey sites because I get rewarded fairly quickly and the surveys aren't uber long.  Nicequest is a community that rewards you for sharing your opinion.  By sharing your authentic experiences, you help companies make better decisions and create products and services for you.

I receive surveys in my email and also have the app downloaded on my phone.  In exchange for completing surveys, you will receive shells (aka points) towards rewards.  I've been able to get Amazon and Fandango gift cards so far.  I even received a $25 Panera Bread e-gift card the other day and was able to take my son, Logan, out to eat for supper.  Now I'm saving up my shells towards a movie projector.

Signing up for Nicequest is free.  Someone can only get an invitation to Nicequest from the company itself, or from another member who has a referral code.  I've been given the opportunity to invite two people to join Nicequest.  Since it's limited to two people, please leave a comment at this post if you sign up.  This offer is only valid to July 12th, 2019.

If you like taking surveys and receiving rewards in return, I most definitely recommend Nicequest.
Nicequest logo

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