Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fell Down the Stairs...Sprained A Foot

ewww, ugly foot

Welp, I'm a big ole' doofus.  Sunday afternoon when I went to get dressed for a wedding (don't judge me, I don't like to get dressed till absolutely necessary!) , I was headed downstairs to grab my clothes.  Rather than pay attention to walking the steps, I was busy paying attention to the dog who was alerted to the bathroom door.  I thought I made it to the last step so I started walking forward.  And, it was two steps too short!

I immediately fell onto the steps (carpeted, thank goodness) but felt one of the worst pains of my life.  The pain was a 12 on a 1-10 scale.  Once I was able to get my bearings and see that I could stand up, I got onto the bed to check out the damage.  Surprisingly, none!

The pain was gone and my foot looked fine.  So I carried about my day.  Got dressed, went to an outdoor wedding (sweltering heat from outside hurt worse than my foot did).  My husband officiated the ceremony and we were soon off to attend the reception.  It was on my way walking from the ceremony location to our vehicle that I started to feel some pain when walking.  It still wasn't enough to take me down.

Doctor told me to keep my foot elevated.  Trader Jimmy's being supportive and doing the same!

I made it an hour into the reception and the adrenaline must've worn off.  I was in full-fledged pain.  My ankle was swollen and I could feel nerve pain shooting from foot to my back.  We cut out of the reception early and headed home so I could put some ice on it.  The picture you see of my foot was taken shortly after I got home.  I got some solid advice from my niece who I asked to come take a look at it.  She figured I'd be okay until the next day so I didn't rush to the hospital.  

The next day both sides of my foot were swollen twice the size and I could put zero weight on it.  Hurt like H-E -DoubleHockeySticks.  Jason ended up taking me to my primary care doctor.  After poking and prodding (which darn near made me pee myself) and X-rays, the doctor advised it is a severe sprain.  He also advised that I have to be out of work for a week and use crutches till the swelling goes down.  Once that does, I will have to wear an air splint for a couple weeks.  Then, of course, there's the usual advice of elevation, ice packs, and pain meds.

Logan took me to Walgreen's to get my meds and put me in a wheelchair.  So kind, even if he did have an ulterior motive.  He popped a ton of wheelchair wheelies with me in it.

It's been three days now and I'm going stir crazy.  Don't get me wrong, I like to be lazy and my husband has been a champ at catering to me.  But being confined mostly to a couch ain't my thang.  The foot isn't horribly bad during the day but tends to be a bugger at night.  I've done pretty good with messing up one part of my body or another at some point, but this is a first for a sprained ankle.  I'm not diggin' it.

Have you ever experienced a sprained ankle?  What's the worst or craziest fall you've ever had?


An Apel a Day said...

That's horrible! I hope it gets better. A great excuse to relax on the couch, and watch some movies.

I had 3.

One I was raking, came in because Travis was done with dinner. I wanted to take a quick shower. The boys were little, so a toy bath floating mat was in there. I slipped, and was in the most uncomfortable naked position possible. It hurt everywhere, but I was laughing so hard at the same time.

Two I was in college. My boyfriend at the time tied my shoes together. He ran off. I knew my shoes were tied together, but I shuffled on after him. I grabbed onto his shirt, and flung into the corner of the wall. My foot and shoulder broke. My ankle hurt too!

Third was when Isaak was a baby and Mica was almost 3. I was sitting on the couch. Isaak woke up from a nap. I went to get him, but my let was asleep. I stepped on my foot turning it totally, and snap. I yelled out some choice words. Mica came in and said, "Daddy will help you!" But it was only lunch time, and Travis wouldn't be home until after 5. Thankfully Isaak's crip had a lock door on it. I crawled to pop it open, and he crawled/climbed out. Mica got me the phone. I was in a boot for awhile when that happened.

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Renee said...

Well you did that up nice and awful! Looks painful and I hope you heal up super quick.

Laura said...

Oh goodness! That looks painful! Sending you lots of prayers.

jjmon2012 said...

For me no sprained ankles! Sitting and watching TV or reading all day is great if it is your ideal. BUT not being able to do any thing is a pain... :-)

Years ago I twisted my knee after work while unloading grocerys. As you say no real problem I just did my regular stuff. About 3 in the morning I woke up dying, the knee was swollen. So I got dressed in shorts, and a long winter coat. Drove to the ER, got me in and checked it and said lets to ex-rays. It was OK till they bent my leg back I bawled like a baby it hurt so bad...... Just a twisted knee, rest etc etc

Lynne B said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I have done that exact same thing, missing the last steps on a staircase. I'd like to say it was because my dog was in the way...but I just wasn't paying attention. Luckily it was just a mild sprain.

Nancy Payette said...

Gosh, that does look bad. I hope it looks worse than it feels & that you get to feeling better soon. Take care.