Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Walk That Didn't Work As Planned

me taking a walk on the water

About three weeks ago, my friend invited me along for a walk on a nearby trail.  It's one of the nicer places in the area to view and get lost in nature.  We came upon one of the creeks, and being the kids at heart that we are, decided to throw off our shoes and play in the water.

What's wrong, Becky? Little slippery?!

Get a grip, Becky.

I'm sure people passing by thought we'd done lost our minds.  The algae from the water made it slicker than seven eels.  We fell more than we stood.  And we laughed...a lot!  

lone shoe, waiting for its rescue

At one point, Becky lost her balance and a shoe fell out of her hand.  It took off quickly through the rushing waters.  It took a lot of maneuvers and not-so-expert skills to catch the shoe before it made it too far down the creek.

Wet from the water and sweaty from the sun...We survived!

After the stealth recovery, we decided to take the easy way and just walk along the trail.  

The next day, I purchased water socks for the both of us.  Next time we won't be so clumsy when we decide to walk the creek!


Cathy Kennedy said...


I remember many summer days spent wading through creeks and walking across algae-covered river rocks making for a very tricky journey. I love those bygone day memories as today you couldn't pay me enough to walk in any untreated water. Being adult-minded really stinks sometimes. I'm happy you let your inner child shine through on your little excursion through the woods. :)

Jackie said...

This sounds like a fun walk that makes for a great memory.

An Apel a Day said...

It sounds fun, but a little scary that you kept losing your balance and shoe. I'm glad you both are ok!