Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wordful Wednesday - Annual Hall Family Reunion

It's been over a month since it happened but the Annual Hall Family Reunion was held and was a success.  It had actually been several years since a family reunion was held but my sister remedied that situation and started it back up again.  The first was held last year and we plan on keeping it an annual tradition, rather than let it die out again.

My Uncle BJ and my husband talking about something important, I'm sure.

The family reunion was held at a local campground's shelter house.  Everyone brought a dish and there was plenty to eat.  The olds mingled with the youngs and traded stories.  

Rahjae became the official Luau girl with all the leis

Although I didn't take pictures, a lot of people took advantage of the campground's pool.  
The older I get, the more important family is to me.  I enjoy getting together and conversing with those I grew up around and making memories with those younger than me.

Me and my mini-me.
The sun was out in full force so I got a lot of "squinty-eyed" photos.

Does your family have an annual family reunion?


mail4rosey said...

My dad's side has a reunion. In fact, it's coming up. I went once years ago and enjoyed it. My dad passed when my mom was expecting me, so a lot of the people I met for the first time. Everyone had a cool story to tell me about him. It's in another state though, so we can't really attend. Glad yours was a success. Your daughter does look like a mini-u. :)

Renee said...

I haven't seen anyone from my family or my husband's in years, except for a select few. I wish someone would plan a reunion, but it probably wouldn't work out for us to go is busy! Your granddaughter looks adorable, and I like your husband's shirt, although I thought y'all were a bit too far north to be saying y'all ;)