Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Wordful Wednesday - Arts in the Park

me lookin' a hot mess

Saturday, Shelby and Logan went with me to QFest Arts in the Park.  It's an annual event but our first time attending.  Located in the downtown park, Arts in the Park features several art vendors and food booth, and local musicians playing on the bandstand.

Shelby and Logan

We didn't stay very long since it was hotter than Hades but enjoyed browsing the various art vendors and the mediums they used to create their pieces.


 To finish off the day and to cool off, we went to Golden Corral afterwards and stuffed our faces full of food.  It wasn't a real eventful day but I love any time I get with my kids.

Mona's not smiling cuz she's got a beard!

Do you attend local art festivals in your area?


Forgetfulone said...

We have art festivals in Houston, but they charge money to get in, and they are super crowded. We used to go when they were free. I love your pictures! Shelby's facial expressions are perfect!