Saturday, September 7, 2019

MaKynzee's 7th Birthday

birthday girl with some of her gifts

Moving into my first owned home with my husband three months ago has been quite a good thing.  For one, we now have our own place we can do what we want with.  For another, my niece and her three children live just two doors down.  The young'uns have been coming over quite a bit to hang.

MaKynzee, my great-niece, celebrated her 7th birthday the other day with an outdoor party at her home.  I'm not gonna lie, it was nice to roll out of bed after a night of working and just walk a few paces down to attend.

MaKynzee with the tye-dye gang

When I moved into our home, I turned one of the rooms into our office with the computer.  Now it's a combined space filled with toys that I bought just so the littles would have stuff to play with when they come over.  They better remember who the cool aunt is!

Me and my man