Friday, September 6, 2019

Summer Concert: MC Hammer's House Party

My mother rarely showed anger towards me.  She was cool like that.  BUT, there was one time she flipped a lid.  I came home with a 2 Live Crew cassette tape, put it in my boombox and started blasting it.  She ripped that thing out so fast I thought she was gonna injure herself.  She stomped that thing to shreds, making sure I'd never hear from it again.  Many, many years later I've been reminded why she wasn't keen on letting a 12 year old girl listen to the motley rap crew.

About a month ago I got suckered into purchasing concert tickets from StubHub.  They offered me a $10 promotion off tickets (never mind the fact that doesn't even cover the service fee!)  On a whim, I purchased tickets for me and my 21 year old son, Logan.  Since I was paying, it was my choice.  I bought for us to attend MC Hammer's House Party.  It was time to show him what rap was like back in my day.

I've been to a fair share of concerts but this one turned out to be one of the most vulgar and raunchy ones I've attended.  It takes a lot to make my jaw drop but the words coming out of the rappers' mouths deserved some Dawn dish soap.

My mother made this shirt for me about 8 years ago.  I cut the sleeves and neckline, and wore it to the concert 90s style.

Here's my rundown on the old school rappers:

2 Live Crew - I was instantly reminded why my mother had a heart attack when she heard what I was listening to back in the day.  They're just as filthy as ever.  "Me So Horny" is super tame compared to the other songs they spit out.

Biz Markie - I actually felt sorry for this guy.  He needs to hang it up.  The gig is over.  I wasn't sure if he was drunk, high, or half dead.  It was just awful.

Sir Mix A Lot - He was my fave of the night.  He's still got the vocals.

Tone Loc - His deep, gravelly voice is still on point.

Logan and I ate at Denny's pre-concert.  I've always loved Denny's food, but this time was pure trash.  The only thing good was the toast.

MC Hammer - You gotta give him kudos, he tried.  He really did.  Not as bad as Biz Markie, but his days need to soon be over.  At one point, he handed out roses to the ladies in front and I thought I was watching an episode of The Bachelor.  He sang his 90s hit, Pray, and talked about the power of prayer.  Which would be all great and grand, if he hadn't just previously sang about humpin' and pumpin'.  It was all sorts of wrong.

Tag Team - They didn't get much play time but the music was good.

If anything, Logan was introduced to the music I listened to back in the day.  And he was introduced to my mortification that I ever listened to half of it.  But, hey, can't complain about quality time with the son.


mail4rosey said...

That's too bad there was potty mouth syndrome going on and not a lot of talent left either. Agreed though, time with the kids is always good. On another note, our last trip to Denny's wasn't good either! My youngest loves that place so he was seriously disappointed.

Renee said...

This post cracked me up! Thank goodness for Tone Loc and Sir Mix A Lot!

We go to Denny's when my daughter has ball tournaments in Cleveland, Tn. It's about an hour drive from our house and it is hit or miss. We've had visits where everybody's food was awesome and perfect, and we've had visits where the kitchen staff were literally screaming at each other and not one person got what they actually ordered, but were too scared to say anything to the angry waitress...we still go back because those pancakes are Heaven!

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