Friday, October 11, 2019

Peanut Butter Pine Cone Bird Feeder - Craft

Side story:  This is my niece who I haven't seen in almost four years.  She happened to be at the Special Needs Open House with her group home.  Made my day!

Back in August, I volunteered at a Special Needs Open House at our church's camp.  Me and a couple other gals were in charge of the craft.  We went with a peanut butter pine cone bird feeder.  They're so easy to make, and make your feathered friends happy.

All you need are pine cones with twine super glued on as hangers.  If you're doing just a few at a time, you can heat the peanut butter up in a microwave.  If you're making quite a few, heat the peanut butter up in crock pots.  

Take a pine cone and roll it around until it's entirely coated in peanut butter.  Then do the same with wild bird seed.  Let dry, then hang on a tree.


LeAnn Harbert said...

I'm going to make these with my granddaughters. They love to fill up the bird feeders.