Sunday, November 3, 2019

Halloween at the Heck House

Halloween goodies I passed out

Autumn decided to dress up for Halloween and come as Winter.  We had our first snowfall on October 31st.  What the what?!! Can't say I've ever seen that happen.

great-niece dressed as Pocahontas

great-niece dressed as a unicorn princess

I stayed home and passed out candy this year.  I had about 30 trick-or-treaters total, which is a big difference from the 200+ I was used to last year in my old neighborhood.  Ten of those were littles from my family.  I enjoyed visiting with them for some time and seeing them all dressed up. 

My daughter dressed up as a crazy cat lady.  Not a far stretch from the truth!

I managed to stop by the local gas station at one point and donned some props to get pics in a photo booth.  No shame in my game!

How did you celebrate Halloween this year?

had myself some photo booth fun


Jackie said...

Sounds like a fun day! The girls' costumes are fantastic. And I love the crazy cat lady costume. My daughters' loved dressing up when they were younger.

Adoring Family said...

How cute is that crazy cat lady costume!?!?! Loveee it!!
xoxo Sharon

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I passed out candy with my brother and sister in law, and it was so so cold. The wind really made it worse. LOL The nieces and nephew were cute though, so it was worth it.


Theresa Mahoney said...

It rained and snowed here too. We've had a few snowfalls on Halloween over the years and it really puts a damper on the night. We didn't even get any trick or treaters the last hour since it was so wet and cold out, they all gave up and went home.

tat2gurlzrock said...

Lokks like everyone had fun. We had tornados and rain so nothing fun here!